DW660 vacuum attachment

Starting a new build, and I have looked around and have not seen anywhere the “favorite” vacuum attachment for the DW660. Any help would be appreciated.


I have been using this on and it works great with my shop vac.

DW660 Magnetic Dust Shoe for MPCNC

[attachment file="2018-10-18 08_00_23-DW660 Magnetic Dust Shoe for MPCNC by bcrazycramer.png"]

I have printed a number of the shows and have added the dusk skirt in different lengths do close up the gap between the cutting surface and the base of the shoe. Yo do not want the skirt to make contact with the surface.



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I still can’t come up with a great solution for this. There are a ton of good ones out there just not exactly what I am looking for.

Which ever you choose my one suggestions are do not use any rigid hose parts (i.e. the 18" plastic end most hoses have), and attach the hose to the XYZ part to lessen the deflection it will cause.

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Has anyone used this one:




I went looking for the one from bcrazycramer and it does not look like it exists anymore. If you have the thingiverse link, I would appreciate it.

That’s the one I use. I opened the bottom opening up on the inside some because hickory tends to be stringy and plugs it up. If that one split in half and had magnets i would love it. To do a bit change i have to raise z up quite a ways to get the dust shoe out of the way, it would be nice if you could just split it.

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