DXF Help Me

Help Me Please! I’m new to the cnc world. I have a mini rambo.
inquired machine from a friend. I have the Estlcam Version 1.122
and Repetier Server.

*How do I go about saving Imagines as DXF?
Thank you.

I’m new so don’t bash me too hard on simple questions :wink:

This is a very friendly forum with near zero bashing, so be comfortable to ask whatever. Images are usually composed of pixels. Many/most CNC operations require a vector line format. DXF is one such format. SVG is another common vector format. In order to convert from a pixel image such as JPG or PNG to a DXF or SVG, you need a piece of software to trace the boundary between the black and the white portions of an image.

There are a number of sites on the web that will do this for free. Just search for “convert JPG to DXF” or “convert JPG to SVG.” I’ve tried a few including this one. As long as you have an image of reasonable resolution and with clear black and white areas, they do a good job.

I primarily use Inkscape to do my conversions from bitmaps to SVG images. It is a free vector drawing tool. This operation is just about the only thing I do in Inkscape. On YouTube, search for “inkscape trace bitmap” to find dozens of tutorials on the steps. Inscape provides more tools for tracing bitmaps than online converters. For example, it gives you settings that allow you to customize the trace if your image is more shades of gray than pure black and white, and it has a command to smooth the vector drawing if needed.