Dylan's Projects

Hey Folks,

I’ve been lurking around since the spring. Built a MPCNC in the summer and figured I’d share my projects so far.
All of the carvings were done on cherry.
Prepped with clear coat, covered with shelf liner, carved, sprayed with black, and sanded.

Wedding Signs

Cheers, Welcome, Cupcakes, Names and hashtag Font: Bombshell Pro Carved with a 90° bit. [attachment file="Wedding Signs.jpg"]

Wall art - River

My family members all got a wall hanging of a river that runs along our home for Christmas this year. Pulled from google maps satellite and traced in inkscape. Carved with a 90° bit. [attachment file="River Wall Hanging.jpg"]

Scrap Box

Made with leftovers. 1/8" end mill. [attachment file=83815] [attachment file=83816]


Gifts for family and friends. Carved with 1/8" 45° bit. Made the cat first with a 10% stepover but it left a lot to clean up. Settled on one pass at 3mm deep, 5% stepover for the dogs. [attachment file=83817] [attachment file=83818]

Wall art - Geese

My wife told me how she wanted this one laid out. The geese were carved with a 1/8" 45° bit, the circle was engraved with a 1/8" end mill. [attachment file=83820]


Welcome to the crew. That is quite the first post, such amazing work!

I really like that river art and the box! Great job on all of them!

Nice work, Dylan!

I have some 8/4 cherry in my shop now… I can see that box in my future! Great idea.

Thanks again!



Looks great! 8/4 would make a cool book match box.