E Stop box recommendations

Anybody know of a printable box for the e stop that is sold on the V1 site? I do not want to just start randomly printing boxes and hope one fits. As of right now I have everything plugged into a surge protector and having to hold it in my hand with my finger over the button. I have not yet had issues with my code but have had a bit come loose and it was not pretty but really want to get the e stop mounted and make killing the machine a bit faster and easier. Links to Thingiverse would be great if possible.

I used an outdoor electrical box for mine. Step drill to put a hole in the cover.


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Thanks Barry. I actually made that decision myself last night. I figured I just didn’t want to waste filament or 10 hours printing a box. Plus I decided to wire the E stop in between my wall outlet and surge protector that I plug both the router and board into. This way when I hit it both items get killed.

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That’s how I had mine wired.