E0 and E1 not operating but X Y and Z are - Solved-

Eo and E1 quesions on Rambo 1.4, attached is a jpeg of a switch used instead of included ends stops; may not matter? Items purchased from V1 engineering included the Rambo 1.4, 5 motors, mechanical-end-stops, full graphic lcd controller (it works fine) and connector accessories that came with the board. I have set the mpcnc up for dual end stop use. X,Y and Z, they operate fine via Repeteir host but not X2 or Y2, they free wheel, do not engage. End stops work as they should on X and Y and home the motors.

Wiring using signal, negative and positive for all end stops is correct on the board and light up when engaged. There is no end stop on Z. I’m not positive the firmware for dual end stops was included on the Rambo board? I don’t think this was a kit purchase even though the full graphic controller was part of the purchase? I’ ve not used arduino IDE much and before going through a learning curve to flash firmware downloaded from gift-hub, wondering if I’ve missed something. I checked wire via ohm meter, double checked connections on the board at motors and end stop switches.

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Only other thing to note is X2 operates by itself when using the nozzle control on Repeteir.

Check M119 see it is list X&Y 2, if it does not re-flash the firmware.

Can you recommend a tutorial for Arduino, beginner here and some help is needed :slight_smile: . The X&Y 2 are not there with command m119. Everything else is good. Using ArduinoIDE to try and flash, it’s not recognizing the zip file for some reason or another.

You have to unzip it, then open the Marlin/Marlin/Marlin.ino file.

You’ll want to follow the instructions here. Specifically the section “How to flash formate on the mini rambo (or rambo)”:

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Using Windows 7, Arduino 1.9.0 beta and have unzipped Marlin_Rambo_T8_16T_LCD_DualEndstop. I’m receiving a no header file error and unable to add the zip or unzipped file to the libaray manager in any folder associated in the preference section. I’ve read through the link above checked out most of the links from the Marlin ino file directional literature, and have to say I think I’m making this to hard, or just in over my head. Would it be better to wire motors in parallel using just X1 Y1 and z, skipping endstops for time being?

If I do have success in flashing the RAMBo board, I ve read a few other post that noted things get more complex using the endstops while operating the machine. Want to say thanks, it’s a great learning experience.

Series…yes, I highly suggest starting with this.

What was the fix for this? I am having the same exact problem. E0 and E1 are freewheeling. E0 is linked to the extruder. I am not using dual end stops. I purchased the Rambo1.4 board and LCD from V1engineering. I thought the firmware should have already been flashed? No big deal, I can re-flash if that is the fix. Wiring X and Y in series seems more like a hack than a fix.



Dual endstops require dual motor drivers. The standard way to wire these are to wire dual motors to the same driver (serial preferred).

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I was under the impression that E0 and E1 were always to be used. That makes sense now.

Thanks for the quick reply!


Nope, there have been quite a few mpcncs that live their life as a 3D printer.

If you want to use E0 and E1, you’d have to configure it yourself. I can help with that, but I don’t want to confuse the issue with this topic.