Easel software - Hand-edit GRBL G-code to run on Marlin

'Allo all, been a while. This video shows (easy) editing of Easel-generated code to run on Marlin. Haven’t tried it yet, but with the changes to Fusion (and I’ll admit I don’t find it the easiest to use) I’m looking for options.

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Easel G-Code will run on a Marlin MPCNC without modification. No editing is necessary. The G-Code output by Easel (free version) is extremely simple/basic. I authored about a dozen different cuts using various Easel features and shapes and found only five different g-codes used in the output files: G90, G20, G0, G1, and G4. So basically setting absolute coordinates, setting values to mm, linear moves, and a ‘dwell’ at the end probably to make sure the queue is clear before exiting.

The home position is fixed to the top of the stock in the lower left corner. There is no form of spindle control prompting, so the router must be turned on before the file is executed (or the file edited to add the control). Or if using Repetier-Host, I believe you could just create a custom printer with Start/End code for spindle prompting.

Wow, thanks. Looking forward to trying it out.

This is brilliant. Here I’ve been going about trying to change hardware/firmware to run GRBL, when maybe I should just be exporting code from Easel to get it to run. Has anyone tried this on a RAMBo board and MPCNC? Any issues?

I have a Rambo board. I ran a test cut with code from Easel before I made the post, and it worked just fine. Note there are scenarios like bit changes that I did not test that may need a tiny bit of g-code added.