Electric Skateboard Motor Mount!

Just thought I’d share. I know a lot of you have already seen my stuff and are probably getting sick of me by now :). Pretty kool through right? It’s a motor mount for electric skateboards.

Now all I got to do is make 30 more…nothing better than drilling and tapping hundreds of holes w/ no drill press.


Awesome. Much better than my attempt in sand:

[attachment file=41813]


Maybe try a different endmill. How tall is your z axis? What grade of sand is it? MPCNC inside jokes.

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I know of a guy that prints the motor to wheel hub gears out of nylon weed trimmer line.

Always wanted to try that nylon line stuff. I printed a couple pulleys, the only one that lasted me a decent amount of time was out of PETG. They last virtually forever, the problem is that rocks really get stuck in them because unlike metal ones, they deform easily. When a rock enters between the gear and belt, they get squished in an you got to pick them out.

So nice, can’t wait to see a full build.

There’s something very special about seeing something you made being used by somebody else. I am sure you’re used to the feeling Ryan. This picture is from someone all the way in Australia who bought two. Hope they work well for him. :^)


That’s cool!

Nice work! I’m sure thats a cool feeling. I hope to start a little side job using the cnc for some wood engraving work so I will hopefully get that feeling before too long as well.

So awesome, just wait, now that you have some product out there and people start to see it this thing could really blow up for you. I still want to build one but you never share your sale link…


Wowww…am I late to this one. https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/boardnamics-cnc-motor-mount-w-idler-tension-system-40-order-now/32583/129
That is where I sell and answer lots of questions.

Had my first recall…chose too long of screws which could potentially short the phase wires of the motors mounted! Fixed that, but boy is this whole “business” thing a lot of work. I am getting more interest than I thought and I am already falling behind. Another mpcnc may be in the works, or a lowrider! The tapping of the holes really slows me down.

Rebuilding my esk8 right now. That and my rc car project and school, kind of smothered right now. Somethings gotta give!

Not sure how it applies to your setup/mounts/production line, but saw this video a few months ago where the guy created a dedicated tapping jig for his production.



Perhaps not directly applicable to your project, but it may be worth spending some time to make a “jig” to optimize your working time ?


(see also https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=tapping+holes+jig for other ideas ?)

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Cool Mount. One word “Tapmatic”. If you have a drill press, a Self Reversing Tapping Head is the cats meow. A little pricy, but if you are doing any sort of production work, it will save you hours and hours.

I must say you have made really amazing stuff with skateboard, now I wonder If I can do the same with HyperOutdoor, How can I contact you or buy your stuff as I bought the HyperOutdoor board from the custom design which is too good I must, If you want to see mine board pics so please ping me which you will not regret later seeing the HyperOutdoor skateboard picture


A lot has changed since I made this post. All the latest and greatest can be found here https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/15-20-boardnamics-caliber-motor-mounts/73643

My business email is boardnamics@gmail.com

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