Electrical engineering - wires and ohm


After a few weeks of work the 3d-printed parts are almost completely fit together with only all the feet parts breaking off but now i come to the hard part: engineering. I am a total beginner in electrical stuff and when i see all of this i don’t understand anything of it: but this is the best way to learn it :slight_smile: and i love learning! And buying it is no option since the high price shipping. So hope you can answer some questions.

I am making this at first for 3d printer and laser, later i add the cnc.

  • Do I need to add the Ohm, if yes: how can i add the 100k Ohm resistor? Remember total noob here so picture would be usefull :smiley:
  • The steppers need to be paralel, is that only switching some wires? Or is it more then this? I got the same steppers

Probably gonna have more questions about the potentiometers and stuff but this is a starting point.
Thanks for all you have done and hope u can help me also out on this part!

Yes you either need the resistor, a thermistor, or change the firmware. the resistor is easiest if you plan on using the machine for more than cnc routing.

Steppers can be parallel or series, https://www.v1engineering.com/wiring-the-steppers/

Today i tried what you posted and the resistor we did right i think. The steppers is unclear for me and the people that helped me. We tried some stuff and think we did it but now first doing the limit setup on the steppers. We got some problem with that too, but we think we can fix that. Thanks for the info, maybe some clearer photo’s info on this part would help people but also understand that u prefer people buy it from u. Unfortunately the shipping costs are more expensive then the parts so that’s not possible for most of us. Maybe u can go to a cheaper sender?

Will hear from me again if we dont get it fixed.

I am not trying to hold back any information to get people to buy it from me.

What picture do you think would help you? I don’t put up specific numbers so people do not burn out components. If you do not buy it from me there are a lot of steps to take and they all depend on the exact hardware you buy, steppers, drivers, board, step rate, ect…