electronic interference

When using estlicam on all three attempts to cut a project I get a lost communication error message. More specifically " USB error a device attached to the system is not functioning." I’ve used different cables. the error occurs in different locations. I moved to running the job from estlcam to the SD and both times the job was killed in completely different locations. I’m using a fan to keep the boards cool. the steppers are not hot. The USB errors I can kind of attribute to turning on the florescent light one time and the compressor on another occasion. I can’t however keep working in the dark.
Any ideas on how to fix it?

Interesting. I have all my equipment plugged into surge protectors. Mine are commercial grade (used where I work) but I would imaging something is better than nothing. Worth a shot anyway.

What are your rapids set at, too fast and you will basically crash the arduino, and it is a random type of thing for some reason.

Ok here’s a crazy question, where do I look for the rapids settings? the first crash was thirty min. into the program. the second and third were over an hour and hour and a half respectively. I am running everything thru power strips. Physically, the rapid movement while not cutting is the same as while cutting.



It was blank. When I reinstalled or updated my software I must have not set it. I ran a successful job and am hopeful that that was the issue. Thank you for your help.

I had a similar issue with my 3D printers a long while back. Whenever the compressor on the shop refrigerator (gotta have cold brews when working hard) would kick on, it would kill my USB connection. While switching two over to OctoPi took care of them, the little delta on my desk kept having issues until I ran it and the PC through the backup side of my new APC, smoothing the spike that was resetting the USB connection on the PC.

I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks for the input.


USB is very sensitive to interferences, especially if the cable is long, running parallel to power lines or has low quality shielding.

  • Most issues can be solved by keeping the cable as short as possible and using only thick ones with good shielding.
  • Proper grounding of all devices is also essential: short, reasonably thick ground wires all connected to the same Ground.
  • Additionally: replace old fluorescent starters with modern electronic ballasts. They save energy, don't flicker and don't interfere with other devices.
  • And connect the compressor to a different outlet - this can help a lot.