Electronics assembly Rambo v1.3

I’ve been searching the Internet forums etc since 7 a.m. It’s now 6:00 p.m. Is there a write up/instructions step by step on hooking up the electronics to the Rambo v1.3? If there is i can’t find it?


To run just cnc router, do I have to send power to A B AND C INPUTS ? ? So basically add power to C and then use a jumper to power A and B?


Motors I will run x and y in parallel ?

End stops I have connection COM CN NC ? Which is + - s ? min max is there a x- or x+ like does min = x negative direction? Also what’s the white and black wires for? Looks like end stops?

Thank you

I read all links and am unsure …


No, not with my firmware.


I wouldn’t. If you bought it from me it came with a wiring harness ready for series.


I suggest you do not use endstops. Endstops are not needed until you want to try some multiple setup jobs.

The wiring harness that came with the kit from you was just 5 extensions, I see you sell a easy harness though. Is that what your saying should of been in the kit? I bought the electronics kit that came with steppers , full size Rambo board etc. Are the black and white wires (I’m guessing it’s for stops)

You stay not to use stops, I guess there is a way to program so you don’t crash one way or the other?

I thought I read if you use stops it has the ability to make sure you cut exact squares?

That means you bought the the dual firmware kit. You will be using all 5 drivers. Pleased see this page, https://www.v1engineering.com/auto-square-dual-endstops/.


You bought the advanced kit, you do not need to use the endstops but you do need to plug them in. As in the link above.



So from the picture in the link and from what I read I don’t need to put my steppers in series the advanced board has them plugging directly in?



Now I’ve been researching, from what I can gather …

endstops are wired as Nc ——— S

COM——— (-) NEG

  • ————- NOT USED

Now you say I still have to hook them up so if I mounted the endstops out of the way would you place them on the same ends see my picture if you can make it out.


I really am am trying to understand all this.

I wire every day at work (I supervise an electrical shop for F16s) I’m used to having a wire diagram.

I think I’m really close here though.

Sorry I forgot to answer that. Yes, your diagram looks good. I can’t tell with the layout but the x axis is typically left to right, and the Y axis is away and towards you.

Pay attention to the signal pin position on the Board they are back to back and opposite.

Merry Christmas,

quick question when the board leaves your facility do you flash the bootloader only? Once I get it then I have to install the firmware… right?

from your firmware page it looks like I need to down load the RAMBo lcd dualendstop

once installed does your firmware have the lcd enabled?

Thanks for all your help! I really am greatful

(if there’s any manual machining questions I could help you on them)

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It should be flashed with whatever wires came with your kit.

As for the LCD it depends on where you got that adapter, if you got it from me you just need to swap cables, if you bought it from somewhere else the plugs are on backwards.

You were out of the adapters so I bought the adapter from hongkong

are you saying the adapter plugs are keyed wrong by 180 degrees?

The keyways on the adapter if you look in the picture face the 15a fuse, is this wrong?

  1. Should the lcd work without me having to install anything?

  2. Or do I have to install the firmware first?

as I haven’t installed marlin/firmware yet on my computer …


Just looking at your adapter on your website, to then one I got from hongkong… my plugs are keyed 180degress different!

so it looks as though I need to pull the plugs off and key them and rotate the 180*

Sorry I couldn’t get back to you sooner.

Correct spin or take off the black “sockets” I heat them up a bit with a hot air gun and they come right off. Or you can just force the plugs in there, I think they will fit backwards.

You are freaking amazing thank you so much for your help I switch them plugs around and it worked like a charm !

Sweet. This adapter is the only problem I see with the rambo boards, or maybe I need to start looking into a different type of screen.

Paul, Thanks for the pic of your board wired up. I tried to mock assemble mine in the basement Christmas weekend (a total failure, broke a few parts and hit a wall with setting up the RAMBo board) and was very unsure of how to wire in the power from the kit. Once I get mine moving around with the computer I might look into that screen as well.


Do you have a link for the drivers I’m suppose to use on my Windows 7 computer for my RAMBo V1.3 dual endstop/firmware board?

I’m not sure if what driver is needed for this board?

Installing the arduino IDE and the included drivers should take care of everything you need. I should have this listed on the software page near the top.