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Hey all. I am struggling with ideas for the case/enclosure. I have the SKR 1.4, RPI3b, SSR and TFT24. I like some of what I see on Thingiverse, but I would like to see what you have done. I can make an external case but would prefer it to be mounted to the lower bracket and move with the gantry as to minimize wiring

Thanks all.

Ultimately, it’ll be what you choose to do.

I recently decide to switch my Primo over to Duet electronics, and made a case that combines a 2.5D milled plate with a 3D printed enclosure

The 5015 fan provides a cooling airflow to the drivers. The opposite side of the case in this picture has no venting because it’s going to be the top face, and I don’t want to let excess chips/sawdust get into the enclosed space. For this design, the 2.5D flat plate will be fastened to the table vertically. There is a channel that the fan sits in, and goes under the line of drivers 6.5mm deep, and the board is a further 1/4" off on standoffs, so most of the directed airflow is at the underside of the board, as this is where the Duet instructons say to direct cooling air. I may decide to add heat sinks, but that should not be necessary.

If I were to add a Pi to this, I would probably increase cooling with a second fan, or use a higher capacity fan and add an air filter.


You might want to consider some type of filter on your fan even with it on the bottom.

I designed my enclosure to pull air in from the bottom and when I opened it the other day I was surprised to see a bunch of fine sawdust in the enclosure.

I have two fans blowing into my case. One one my controller and one on my pi.



I shared your desire to keep everything I could on the Gantry as I wanted to remove the gantry when not in use. I managed to shoehorn in an SKR 1.3, A Raspberry Pi3A+, and a power supply into my case. To keep the depth down I designed it to fit like a cup over the Y stepper motor. I don’t use an LCD but did put the wire runs and mounting holes in case I change my mind.

There are 2 cooling fans on the side and bottom that run in parallel from the SKR’s fan port.

It works well but its a pain to remove if I ever need access to the SD cards.

My kids friend told his dad that he thought I was building a bomb.


do you have an stl for this that you would be willing to share ?

Yeah, I posted it on my build page:

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