Electronics drawer idea

I was watching this workbench video. At 10:30, he shows the rotating drawers he made. They seem perfect for an MPCNC, because they are about the right size, but more importantly, the distance to the hinge is always the same, so you could zip tie the cables at the hinge, and not worry about them growing/shrinking when you open the drawer. You could make them out of wood, and just use a regular door hinge if your table was made from 2x4s. Doesn’t work the for low rider, unfortunately.

Just last night I was sketching out a new LowRider table. I want to make a few changes (parts are on the way), but I am going to drop my tiny table saw and router into the surface. That table is just so dam big it absolutely needs to be multi-purpose. Those things get flush mounted anyway and if I needed critical dimensions I can just drop another sheet on top. To make the table saw work it needs to inset as far as the wheel tracks or put it in the end.

Wheels would be amazing as well. Some of these things would work well, swing out drawers on the end would be cool. Right now I have the wrenches and bits tucked in the end so a drawer would be cool.