Elk and Mountain Range Relief - Longest Carve on the new Primo Build

Have a work buddy that’s into elk hunting who has had a bit of a rough year. Showed him a couple things I’d made on the new Primo build and he was really digging it, so decided to make him something. Carved in black walnut then poured with metallic black acrylic epoxy. By no means is it perfect, and I’m sure if anyone can see the mistakes it’ll be the guys here. Buddy loved it though, and I was fairly proud of it as well.


I see a nice thought for a buddy! :+1:


I can’t see a single issue, looks great. Don’t sell yourself short you nailed the tiny details. Gallery worthy for sure.

Welcome to the crew!

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The Eye is in the Beholder.Those that Find Fault have No Clue as the Accomplisment that took place to get to this point, Looks Great from my Perspective. Nice Job.

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Looks great @Chall2618, what brand / type of epoxy did you go with there ?

Hey Todd,
Appreciate the compliment. I used Alumilite Clear Cast picked up at a local big-chain crafting store. The pigment I used was just from a large multi-color pack I got on the cheap on Amazon (Techarooz Mica powder for epoxy 25 color pack.) It’s a mixture of the pitch black included in that set with a tiny bit of Pearlx pearl (from the same craft store; but any white/pearl micha powder would probably work fine) to add a little extra glint to the black. I’ve had much better luck with the mica powder pigments than any of the liquid pigment I’ve tried. The shimmery effect adds another depth and also hides a lot of imperfections in the epoxy.

Thanks great info. I haven’t gotten into epoxy yet but it’s on the list. I’ve seen a few nice pieces with it. A guy I follow on YouTube - Blacktail Studio is always making epoxy tables and has some good tips on epoxy. His are usually clear or black but I like the metallic in yours. How was it to work with? My local orange store doesn’t seem to carry any other epoxy than the kind you use to glue stuff back together. So mine will probably be an Amazon or online purchase.