Embroidery softwear

I am looking for a cheap or free program that turn images and or .svg files into machine code for an embroidery machine. So far everything i have found costs 100’s of dollars.

I know this isn’t a sweing thread, but we have a diverse community and this is still computer numericly controlled tooling :slight_smile:

What kind of instructions does it take?

It will take these file extensions .HUS, .SHV, .DHV, .VIP, .VP3, .PES, .PCS, .JEF, .SEW, .XXX, .DST, .EXP

An extension for inkscape called ink stich. I have looked at it but not tried to use it yet

The only one of those I’ve heard of is .JEF and not for embroidery.


Jenomie embroider machine uses .JEF

Its a husqvarna designer SE. To be honest I don’t know much about it. Sewing is my wife’s hobby and we bought that for her last year, then we found out that she can’t make or even alter any embroidery patters. So far all the patterns she has gotten and used are in the .hus format. I will give the ink stich extension a look see thanks tim!

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I have an older hand-me-down Viking 1+ embroidery machine and have successfully used Inkstitch to create a design but Inkstitch couldn’t write directly to the HUS file my machine requires (although it can read them). My Viking machine is old enough that I needed a separate USB reader for the very specific embroidery memory card hardware, and the software that came with the card reader managed the file format conversion to HUS. It looks like the Designer SE will accept a regular USB thumb drive, and based on the list of writeable file formats at https://inkstitch.org/docs/file-formats/ it looks like it supports several of the formats your machine can read. You may not have to deal with those last last hurdles of getting a readable stitch design to the machine that I had to deal with.

There are a bunch of “getting started” videos linked off the Inkstitch site too.

Best of luck with the machine. It’s a whole different kind of mesmerizing watching a complex design get stitched out on one of these things. I’m looking forward to getting the inkstitch color palette aligned with the embroidery thread color assortment we recently picked up.


Thank you it sounds like I will have to give it a harder look too for a( janomie?)

The sewing machine brand is spelled Janome, but I’ve heard it pronounced with the French lilt as “jan-oh-mee”.

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I got to say, you guys are awesome! I never expected to get such good and thoughtful responses to a sewing question on a cnc forum.

Thank you all so much!

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I’ve a wide and varied work history and love to play with all kinds of tools. I’m convinced I got my first technical instructor position back in '97 because I could figure out how to wind a bobbin on the Pfaff embroidery machine the toy-junkie owner of the training center had purchased. They had used up all the cardboard samples that came with the machine, couldn’t (in the pre-Amazon days) find anywhere to buy more, and didn’t realize they could roll their own.


My mom owns a Janome and I am defacto tech answer man she buys most of her designs but we are looking to expand out to more sentimental output so I am starting this also

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Great then we can help each other, help our loved ones :slight_smile:

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Hi here are the websites that will help you to create free embroidery designs of any format.

  1. EmbroideryDesigns
  2. Oregon Patchworks
  3. Embroideres
  4. Ann the Gran
  5. Creative Fabrica
  6. Bunnycup Embroidery
  7. Oma’s Place
  8. SWAK Embroidery
  9. Kreative Kiwi Embroidery
  10. Daily Embroidery
  11. Embroider This!

I also create my embroidery design in my 5*7 brother pe800 embroidery machine and the main point is, I created it without a hoop efficiently.


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