Enclosed Build

I am finishing up my second MPCNC build and this time around taking cues from the MOMUS CNC enclosure to have a fully enclosed self contained machine.

Photos here: http://imgur.com/a/HTEV8

MOMUS CNC enclosure fore reference: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/4e/b4/5d/4eb45d7987f927aa1a5bfd22b555c61e.jpg

The frame is built from 3/4" MDF with a torsion table base, weighs a ton but is also completely ridged.

That looks great. I really like that, and most of the dust will stay away from the electronics too.

Good choice, that should work well. I think it would be an awesome idea to make sure you can hang material out of either open end in case you do bigger things. like a sliding or removable door at each end. I tend to mostly do material that hangs off the table.

That is the plan, there will be a removable back plate and I’ll just leave the cover open if needed to stick out the front. The cut area is around 22" x 16" with the longer side oriented for allowing cut tiling.

For the dust I am going to add a fan grill and a cut out furnace filter in front of the PCU and electronics.

I did some cuts for a friend and he bought a really nice piece of wood and wanted the same thing cut along it at 1’ spacing. So I just slid it through 1’ at a time, front to back. I guess it all depends on your end use, Just a thought.

Added a spoil board, I bought this router bit from ebay and routed a t-track channel every 3" in 3/4" sanded plywood. It is nailed down to the printer bed with a few small nails which I’ll pry off when it needs changing eventually.

I wanted t-track but real t-track was cost prohibitive, this works well and was quite cheap.

Whoops, images didn’t upload. Here is an imgur link: http://imgur.com/a/oCHcy

Clean build, I like it.
Your table is neat. Just not a big fan of this weird yellow color XD

First cut! Ate through solid oak like butter. 1/4" two flute endmill, 1/8" deep passes, 200mm/min feed.