End Cap for 1/2" EMT Tube (v1.0)

For when using 1/2" EMT (electrical conduit from home improvement stores) in projects such as the LowRider v3 CNC, this end cap protects against snags and scrapes (v1.0). Prints with no supports. PLA. Can be scaled a bit as needed in your slicer to get a tight fit. Mine fits tight just as it is. Also, a bit of painters tape around the stub can help tighten a loose fit. Quick print. For me about 9 minutes each. Enjoy!

Download: Printables


Looks good, I was thinking the same thing for at least the Y axis.

You deburring before pushing those in?

These things are handy as heck for tubing, but I use it all the time to deburr inside corners of stuff.

I printed some stops for parking the gantry, don’t have to worry about it falling when doing work on it or when moving it around. Orange so I remember to remove them before use.


Great advice and cool stops. Post a link to the deburring tool if you would. I have known of them for a while but have not gotten one yet.

The end cap I showed here is of course used on my Y axis (for my new plasma CNC table, still under construction).

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Ideally, Swivel head deburring tool would be listed within the build Docs Must Have tools section, or at least the Should Have tools section.

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I don’t know which one I have but I’m pretty sure all of the cheap ones are probably of comparable quality. I tried to find a picture of one without a brand as not to endorse some random brand, but there are tons of different ones on amazon. Just get one with plenty of tips, they last a while but it’s nice not having to worry about replacing them being very expensive.

Also a fan of these types of drill chamfer bits for like aluminum holes. The fluted ones always seem to leave chatter.


I know I’m late to the party, but this is what I used when building my first MPCNC https://www.homedepot.com/p/Klein-Tools-Conduit-Reamer-Drill-Head-with-2-Square-Recess-Bit-85091/203745561
I didn’t need to buy it, as I had it from other projects…