End-grain cutting board

Okay, my cutting board is finished, this was supposed to be a first test (and it still is, because there is beech mixed with douglas fir, which is much too soft). I am considering whether to actually use it for cutting or just use it as decoration…

So, what did I actually do with the MPCNC? I cut the handles and the juice groove with it, also I did all the face milling (is that the right word? Could not find it on the Interwebs…) with it. I also tried to make an inlay, which didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped, but still okay.


Looks great. I say use it. I think pine gets a bad rap.


If you get hooked, you will find you have 2, 3, 4, 5 cutting boards and you have to start giving them away.

At least for me, after I have made nicer ones, I have much less hesitance to use the earlier “test” pieces.


Looks really good! You could always use it as a nice serving tray.

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