Endmill donut?

I have what might be a stupid question. I am trying to cut out something in 3/4" material (19mm, but I’m going down 20mm) and I hit the red collar on the bit. Can I just remove it? I can see that the spirals go all the way through the donut.

Without removing the donut, the length of the bit is about 16mm. In this picture, it’s a red donut:

red donut

You can try. I just ordered longer bits. I’ve not tried taking one off yet, but try not to use too much force, the bits are brittle!

I removed it. Nothing terrible happened.

I grabbed the shank with some flat pliers, and then the donut with some more pliers. I twisted it with the spiral, so that it was fighting to go toward the cutting end of the bit, and it came off pretty easily. I then cut to 20mm just fine. I think it was chattering a bit more, but maybe I’m just being sensitive. I ended up with a hopping kangaroo:

Good to know!