Endstop crashing, EEPROM and second serial

Hello all.

I designed my rig using the calculators on the design pages. I aimed for Y=800 x X=800.

But, I didn’t realise that a reasonable amount of bed is ‘dead space’ due to the design of the system (not complaining!).

My actual useable bed seems to actually be 770mm x 560mm before it hits the stops.

I have added rail mounted bump stops (basically to stop twisting the rig if it does overshoot).

I have added the max dimensions into Marlin, but unless you start bottom left and zero everything, they appear to be a non-starter.

If you enable EEPROM, can you get the system to remember the last known co-ords? You would still need to ‘Home’ every so often, but at least the software stops might work.

What advantages (or maybe disadvantages) does enabling EEPROM bring?

My other option is to wire and install Max stops, but I don’t really want to go down that route if I can avoid it.

I think maybe the simplest answer is to draw the actually useable bed on the deck!

My other questions is regarding the serial ports on the Rambo. If I enable Serial1, does it allow me to access the X,Y and Z co-ords remotely with another Arduino (obviously with further code on the second Arduino)?


As soon as you power off the board it forgets it’s position. Even with eeprom enabled. This is why 3d printers still home before each print.

OK. After quite literally hours of Googling… progress is slow.

The remote pendant here connects to … somewhere. Anyone know exactly where is connects?


Have a link to the actual pendant?