Endstop Questions

So I guess I ordered the Endstops with the Primo kit I bought and I’m not sure what they do at all. I read the description on them in the Primo kit in the shop, saying “if you are new to this it is recommended to go with the series wiring.” So my question is, do I now HAVE to include them on my machine or is it still an option? I’m brand new to this and don’t have a clue about this machine really. Ive done quite a bit of reading on it already but each day it just seems like I find more and more things to figure out. Thanks!


when I first started reading the forum(s), more than a year ago, the consensus was to start with the series wiring and don’t worry about the endstops. Lately, the advice seems to have changed: if you have a controller that supports the endstops, and you have the endstops, go ahead and install them. The X and Y stepper mounts are already prepped for the installation of the switches and running the extra wiring is about the only real additional work.

One thing to understand is that the “endstops” are NOT limit switches. Their main purpose is to “square” the two axis so the two steppers on one axis are moving together. Without them you can just put two clamps on the rails and hold the router tight against them when you power-up. that is good enough for most basic routing.

I use the endstops and really like the feature so if you already have them my advice is to take the extra effort and install them.


PS: I just saw your other thread about your Rambo board. It’s the one I have and the endstop function works great.

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The endstop wiring and switches in your kit came with the Rambo board. They are not something V1 provided. Whether you wire your machine in serial/series configuration or dual endstop will depend on what you ordered from V1. If you ordered the a serial/series kit, you will have received a series/serial wiring harness and the Rambo board will be flashed with the series/serial firmware. Likewise, a dual endstop version will come with the dual endstop wiring and firmware. A series/serial configuration can do just about everything that a dual endstop configuration can do, but the steps are a bit different. For now just build the machine however you ordered it.

Also I’ve noticed from comments on the forum that the Rambo boards are now shipping with three endstops, not the four needed to wire the machine up in dual endstop configuration.

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My Rambo kits include 4 endstops and 4 wires. If you buy them anywhere else they come with 3.


Awesome Mike I really appreciate it! That cleared up a lot for me but like I said I ultimately have no idea what I’m doing. This is all very new to me and I’m sure I’ll have a ton more questions once I advance.