Endstop troubles

1) Did you buy everything from here?
All but the 3D printed parts
2) Are you using end stops?
1 on the Z axis
3) Mac or PC?
PC with Windows 10

Ok, so I’ve been running the MPCNC for several weeks now with no major issues other than getting consistent home positions. Therefore I made a zeroing tool to fix this. It has worked well for several days.

This has been working amazingly for a several days, but now after doing some periodic maintenance on the machine that required me to unplug the board from everything now anytime the endstop closes the circuit the board disconnects from the computer. If you close the circuit again the board will reconnect. Even if you switch the endstop to another axis on the board it does the same thing.

While the endstop is unplugged from the board all things run as normal.

I was wondering if anyone could lead me to what could have changed to cause this. My initial troubleshooting has been unfruitful.

You should include some pictures of how you have it wired and plugged in.

I am going to reply for Nick because he has gone home and I am still here so I took some pictures and have a short video of the zeroing tool working the last time we used it. https://youtu.be/6guCFcoDcps

Well I can’t see the board connections or the z wires, so I will just stab in the dark.

“Routine maintenance” makes me think the endstop wires have shorted with something while messing with it. The plug could be leaning and touching the pins next to it or somewhere else. I would start with the ramps z stop connection and work your way to the end. If you don’t see a issue something must have happened to the board.

I meant routine maintenance in such as cleaning the rails and bearings and checking the plastics for any unnatural wear (had a crash the night before). The board was working perfectly fine prior, not so much after.

Did you check for a short?

I can’t really offer any help without pictures or some other info. If it worked before the maintenance something had to happen. Once these boards prove they work they work for years if left untouched.

We’ve checked the wiring for a short. They came back clean. As for checking the board, I really wouldn’t know where to start.

ive tested the wires with my multi meter and they test good.

Thanks for the pic. so much easier

You are on the wrong pins
You might have ruined your board.

signal and ground, you are shorting positive and ground.

ill have to get Nick to look and see if that is where he had them plugged in he took it off earler and i ran out there to take the pic and plugged it in real quick where i thought he had it but it wasnt powered and i unplugged it so hopefully i didnt screw up.

so it should go on the middle and the right pin? looking the way the picture was taken.

The board is labeled ±s, you want -&s

Just a quick update. We switched the wires around and everything is working fine, must have plugged them in wrong when we serviced the cnc. Thank you for your help Vicious. on a side note I plan on making a video for my YouTube channel on how to make a auto Z touch plate and install it on a Ramps board, if you would like I could post the video here also for anyone who might want one for themselves. Thanks again!