Engraving hangs on G02 gcode produced by Estlcam -solved-


I’m almost complete with my build (ramps+marlin 2.0 + dual endstops) and trying to draw the picture as described here https://www.v1engineering.com/estlcam-basics/

I connected mpcnc to repetier-host and make following steps:

  • home x
  • home y
  • move the pen to start point
  • reset coordinates by send G92 X0 Y0 Z0
  • start Print gcode
Gcode prepired by JSCUT site from SVG file works as expected But when mpcnc plays gcode produced by Estlcam from DXF - it hangs on firgs G02 code. What I'm doing wrong?

May be the firmwere of the mpcnc has disabled arc support?

[attachment file=71170]

I found the issue. I didn’t properly setup Estlcam (mm/s; mm/min). So moving speed was 60 times slower then need.

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