Engraving on hot rolled/carbon steel?

I’m new to this forum and I’m looking for a machine to engrave a 1" wide logo on hot rolled/carbon steel using MPCNC. Would this be do-able? I’m not looking to go deep into the steel. Also, if it works whats the finest bit I can use?

Also, which bundle or parts would you recommend?

If you make a really small and short build you might stand a chance, steel is really an advanced project. Have a look at a few of our steel videos and see if that clears anything up.

engraving with a vbit is much easier than slotting/pocketing. I would try a 90 degree bit and maybe a 60, but 90 would be really strong.

you can also try a diamond drag bit to etch your parts.

Thanks. These bits would both be using the Dewalt DW660?

Also, Which control board would I need for this?

Need for what?

Looking to engrave mild steel. Nothing too deep.

Any controller will move the machine. I just wasn’t sure if you were talking about the movement of the whole machine, or spindle control.

If I wanted to do just drag bit engraving would I just need the drag knife adapter?

I don’t think so. They don’t care about direction as much as a blade.

Which tool mount should I order if I'm using a diamond drag engraver?

None. They usually have a 1/4 shank and you put that in your router. You run it without turning on the router.