ER11 collets on Katsu (Makita clone) trimmer?

I received my Katsu yesterday, and they’re just fit 8mm & 6mm bits. Had a look on Amazon, and not much available here in Europe, for sure not at a reasonable price.

On Ali are adapters available , or better a ER11 collet set , don’t like the idea using adapters.

Apparently some on the forum are using the ER11 collets, can some(one) confirm that they fit or does it need further modifications?

You can buy a ER11A. It’s and extension rod with the er11 fitting to take the collets, the extension bar then fits in the makita Chuck. The bar probably needs cutting down as they seem to vary in length depending on where your getting them from.

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Yep,seems to be right. I just opened the Katsu and it seems to be the only way.

Did you try the adapter? how did it work. I’m considering doing the same (

Hi, Sorry for the late reply. 26th was when I moved back to Thailand after spending the summer in Europe.

To make it short. I didn’t try yet, as the ER11-collets with this seller took an eternity, so better check for another supplier.

The chuck (Product properties: C8-ER11A-100L) arrived in reasonable time, considering a China shipment.

For the collets I ordered

2mm;3mm;3.175mm;3.5mm;4mm;5mm;6mm;6.35mm & 6.5mm

The details as follow.


I was just looking at this today as an upgrade, and figured we could also mount er16 collets without much of an issue. The price is pretty much the same, and they should be much more rigid, especially with a 10mm shaft.

10mm might work on the Makita (not sure) but not on the Katsu.

Weird, the katsu on has the 10mm collet included.

I thought it would be the same for other european countries too.