Ergo keyboard split wrist rests

Hi all,

I thought I’d show off my new wrist rests. Made from [too thin apparently] walnut, v-carved and added epoxy inlay. The octopus eye is a small chip of fire opal. My mistake was using threaded inserts to mount the angle setting printed legs, and not quite enough clearance to make it. 1 of 4 was great, another was ok, #3 cracked a little and #4 went right through (see circle by jelly tentacles). Needs rubber feet, but those will screw up the angle and I’ll have to re-do the model to account for it :expressionless:


Looks great. Maybe instead of rubber feet, you could put the whole thing on a desk mat (a neoprene or a cutting mat).

How do you like the keyboard? I have used a similar one and I missed the numbers only because I still sometimes look for the symbols. I also use ctrl, alt, win keys with my setup (win mostly for window management in i3, alt for my custom vim commands and ctrl for more standard key shortcuts).

Nice!! I really want to like that keyboard, but I know I’ll miss the number row. My planck doesn’t have a number row and I stopped using it for that reason.

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I love the keyboard. I was gifted with a preonic v3 which was great, but it always felt a bit awkward to bring my elbows in to get the wrist angles right. This is way more comfortable; it also showed what a sloppy typist I’ve become :slight_smile: I do agree that it needs a few more keys. I have left shift and control, but need alt somewhere. On the right side I have the windows key and enter. My number layer has some windowing shortcuts (win+left/right/up) so I don’t have to hold win+ a layer key to get my direction arrows, but alt is still an issue. I also turn the win key to control when on my nav layer so I can jump words via ctrl+left/right.

I’ve actually gotten used to no number row for day to day work and coding, but I do feel the pain in a few places like games or entering my CC number. I had pondered a numpad layer, but that’s still not one handed or useful in games. Fun fact, my nav layer has up/left/down/right as esdf from my FPS days; wasd is for noobs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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My nav layer has hjkl for arrows :slight_smile:. The keys underneath are home, pgup, pgdn, end. It is like vim everywhere.