Error if building RAMPS firmware with an LCD display

In compiling with Arduino 1.6.4 and the Reprap Discount Full Graphic LCD controller I got an error:
“initializer-string for array of chars is too long [-fpermissive]”

You can fix it by shortening the machine name in configuration.h to 16 characters here:

#define CUSTOM_MENDEL_NAME “Mostly Printed CNC”

… or by shortening the “ready.” to “OK” in language_en.h :
#define WELCOME_MSG MACHINE_NAME " ready."

Works great with the change and I got to keep the entire name. I think the maximum for WELCOME_MSG is about 22 characters for the Full Graphic LCD. Not sure what the max is for other controllers. This error shouldn’t show up if you do not use an LCD controller.

What an impossible catch! Holy cow, that is pretty amazing. I have never seen that error. How did you find it? All the other things I would have tried first.
That inspired me to 1, start a new forum, troubleshooting, and 2, get a proper name for this thing, mostly printed is only funny a few times then it’s just too long to type.
Good job, and thanks for sharing it.

I know this is off topic but the forum wont let me make a new topic. Im getting an error from repetier. im trying to get the motors turning. i flashed the firmware and i think i adjusted it right for using my a4988 drivers. when i try to send any command to it repettier it returns saying "Printer stopped due to errors. fix ther error and use M999 to restart (Temperture is reset. set it before restarting). Any help appreciated