Error: print halted

Hello, I was doing some tests for my work table size and Gantry extremes position and realize when I set the command of: “G00 X470.0000 Y380.000 Z5.0000 F2100” that is the extremities of my worksite bed the Gantry is sent to the opposite side of Home, that is correct. So when I press HomeX button in Repetier host Mac, the gantry moves to half way of X and stops, I found the last line shows in red: “ERROR: Print halted. kill() called!”, and I have to disconnect and connect again to get the Gantry to move. Is there some related to the bed size or machine size? Do I have to set bed size in the firmware? I did not.

I am using endstops, LCD, Repetier, on the Mac.

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Yes, there is a BED_SIZE in Configuration.h and it’s set to 200mm. You’ll need to bump that up if you want to home from way over there.

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Hi Jeffeb3, ok so I will try, it is in mm Am I wrong?


Yes. Or you could just hit home again.


Hi Barry, does not work since it is halted I have to disconnect Repetier and connect again to make it work. I think is more safe to fix it in the firmware, don’t you think?

Hi Jeffb3, just change and it is working. :slight_smile: