Error: Printer halted. Kill () called!

I can reset the arduino board, connect and run a file. It finishes and returns to zero. If I press “Start Print” again with the same file the printer moves a bit and stops, showing the error “Error: Printer halted. Kill () called!” I can reset the board and connect and run the same file without issues but after it finishes I have to reset again before I run another file.

I’m using the mpcnc_rc8 firmware, Repetier Host 1.6.2 and ESTLCam 9.037.

Is this working as expected?

No Kris, it’s not working properly. Do you have lcd/sd? Have you used it?

If you have an LCD then there is a button beneath the LCD, near the center, that acts as a kill switch. Do you have the LCD in a housing that’s pressing against the kill button? Faulty switch or LCD cable? You can try disconnecting LCD and running straight from repetier to troubleshoot, assuming you have an LCD in the first place…

Any updates you up and running again?

Hey Kris, did you get anywhere on this yet? I’ve recently added an LCD/SD combo, and have had this mysterious “Error: Printer halted. Kill () called!” happen twice, once in the middle of a cut, and once when I selected a file from the SD to run.

Nothing around to be shorting out anything on the panel or pressing the button…

No, I just reset it before I run any code. I set the machine to where I want the zero point to be and reset the arduino board.

I was having a different problem in the middle of prints; error next line number not last line number +1 or something. I’ve been trying different gcode options in estlcam and that got me able to do longer runs - like 3 hours. I disabled “use arc commands G02/G03…”, “I/J coordinates are relative” and maybe some other stuff.

I can’t offer much more than a “me too”. I’ve noticed the same behavior as OP when printing from SD card via LCD on my new build.