Error when endstop trigger

Hi, got Homing Failed: Printer Halted please reset.

Happens when endstop is triggered (homing, etc.) Changed bed size, doesnt help. Doesnt matter if homing from far away or just few cm. When z axis endstop is triggered everything works, than x axis and the error show up. Same with y axis. All endstops are set as open in default and triggered when I press them. Any thoughts ? Thank you


If you look at the Docs, Ryan mentions to set the endstops to NC as that will help indicate a problem with wiring.

“For the safest configuration the endstops should be wired in the Normally Closed position (NC), to prevent wire disconnects from damaging the machine during the homing sequence.”

I.E. the switch is closed until the limit is reached. If a wire is broken then you’ll know because the stop is triggered. If you wire it the other way, normally open then if a wire is broken the stepper will drive into the stop and try to keep going.


This message usually means you started your homing outside what the firmware considers the size of your table. If this is your problem, push your router near (within 200mm) of the origin, and homing will succeed. The table size cannot be set with g-code. You must edit the following two defines in configuration.h and reflash your board:

// The size of the print bed
#define X_BED_SIZE 200
#define Y_BED_SIZE 200

I tried change to nc but still error when X or Y endstop is pressed

I already changed my “bed” size in configuration. It doesnt help. The error apperers regardless traveled distance. It shows every time X or Y endstop is triggered. Z endstop works normally. Its brand new build. Ramps 1.4. is there any other config which might be set wrong ?

Are you running our firmware? Other than the bed size, have you made any other changes? Does the software look right in M119?

AFAIK, it will error if it:

  • Travels farther than BED_SIZE before getting a “TRIGGERED” on the correct endstop.
  • Travels to home_bump and doesn’t see the endstop switch to “open”

A picture would help.

Do your endstops have 2 wires or 3? I believe the firmware is expecting a 2-wire NormallyClosed (NC) switch between Signal and Ground pins. If using standard 3D Printer endstop modules there may be issues with NO vs NC and/or flipping the plug, connecting signal to the wrong board pin.

Yes, latest Marlin dual from link on the mpcnc website. M119 looks fine. I made some minor changes of the firmvare in configuration. Changed, bed size, stepps/mm, to half, changed DVR to A98… but nothing really realted with endstops. When I check M119 and check all the endstops, everything works fine, but not when I press endstop during movement. If I do so, nothing happens or error show up.

Im using 3 wires endstops which comes with the ramps. Connected like this:

I can take photo tomorrow. When I check in M119 all the endstops are working. But when pressed during movement or homing, error pop up or sometimes nothing happens at all. Im confused

They should be ignored when doing regular movements.

Are you sure the M119 isn’t reversed? This switches usually act like NO switches and the fw expects NC.

SO I finally managed to get it work. Not sure where was the issue tho. I flshed Marlin, did all the modifications again and machine is homing perfectly with no error now. Thank you guys :slight_smile: