errors after 7 mins

Let me first start with the the info needed to get this all going.

  1. I did not get everything from this site, I did get the wireing kit and drag knife and plan on getting the laser once i figure all this out.
    I followed Some Old Guy Coding (great source for follow along) using
    Marlin RC7 MPCNC w/LCD &

  2. I’m not using endstops

  3. I’m Using PC

  4. I have uploaded a video to youtube for you to see. You can skip to 7:45min to hear and see what happens. I detailed everything in the description.

The only thing I might add is that my motors are 2A so i doubled the motor drivers to 1.2.

I’m loving this project and want to get it down so I can add another build as part of an after school project.

Thanks for your attention guys

What drivers, the 8825’s can not handle more than .7 without active cooling. With really good active cooling best I can get is just over 1V. I think this is where you should start. The video looks like thermal shutdown of one axis, when it happens it just turns that axis off the code still runs and eventually it will start using that axis again when it cools down but of course it will have ruined your job and not be in the correct place.

The rating on the steppers is not a requirement it is a maximum.

Thank you for the prompt reply.
I have really enjoyed working on this. So one last thing, as you can see from the pics I have uploaded the lines are not smooth like they were before. Any advice?


sorry about that, lets hope for success on this one

Maybe you turned them down too far? loose pen?

Nothing is loose and they are set to .6, i will adjust another set of drivers set to .7 just to be thorough. Everything was smooth before i hit that clump of glue, aside from drivers that is. could it be anything else?
Before you reply i will go and do another short print just to show you better, i just need the time to get the other drivers ready.

If you were running that long at 1.2v maybe just go down to .9v as long as you have a fan on them you will be fine. Going to to .6v is very low.

You are wired in series correct? If not you should.

wired in series? Not to sure what you mean. I did get your wiring kit.

Here is what happens even after adjusting the drivers to .7
Now could this be something I need to adjust in settings? this did not happen in my first few prints with my drivers off and all. \it only started after the initial time it got hung up on the glue bump and failed mins later.
sorry im doing my best to figure this out but jagged lines wont cut it for long i’m assuming once i try to move on to wood.

I’m not sure, like I said try a bit more power. Pen pressure more or less all belt tension equal?

Hopefully the thermal shutdowns did not ruin your drivers. Shouldn’t but you never know.

ya these were brand new drivers, i appreciate the help. I will do some more troubleshooting and see where it gets me.
Thanks again