ESP32 wifi board



I’ve started sourcing parts for the Lowrider 2. When it come to the controller Id like to have Bluetooth or wifi connection. So I’ve hunted around and found Bart Dring’s completely open source Esp32 based board .


Nothing I’ve found matches it cost-wise. Gerber file is provided and the Esp32 wifi/ bluetooth SOC’s cost around $7. But I’d like to hear from anyone who may be using it. And I’d especially like to hear about any dramas involved with setting up Grbl and configuration on the Lowrider.









Bart is actually a member here! You can also get the 5 driver esp32 board he makes on Tindie actually. He’s very quick with emails as well, don’t hesitate to email him.

And he’s got a slack channel.

I have one of the mpcnc ones, but I haven’t messed with it.

I have a 3 channel one that I’m using for my zenxy. It works pretty darn well. I didn’t have trouble flashing it, but it wasn’t as easy as installing Marlin from Ryan’s github.

I have a 5 driver MPCNC one.

Flashing an ESP32 is a little more complicated than an arduino, but I found Bart’s distribution to be pretty much ready to go.

I was converting from an arduino/ramps and already had endstops wired as NC. The default in ESP32_grbl was NO. Easy to switch, but I’m not sure I got the dual motor homing to work. I didn’t try too hard as I quickly switched back to my ramps board so I could rerun some marlin g-code files for a project, but I’m sure it’s no big deal.

While it was up, I too was super impressed.

The GUI is nice and worked well for me.

I hope to switch back for good soon.




With standard grbl, you can invert the endstop logic with a $ command. I bet you could flip it with the grbl_esp32 also.