Estl Cam feed rate and time estimate trouble

Ok so I did some calcutlating for cutting some hard wood I got the dewalt 660 so I got the 30K rpm and chip load of 0.002" and a shank size of 1/8th (chip load came from here ) So it comes out to like 3k mm per minute and so I put that in the Estl Cam and it says it will take 9 hours ok so I try it again same rpm and everything but drop my feed rate to some like 100ish and my time goes to 4 hours? This doesnt make total sense (does anyone know how to make the time to wait to update a file go back to 5 seconds I need to keep saving to get a time estimate cause its up to 20 seconds now)

You have to pay, I believe estlcam maxes out at 30 seconds. No one here will give you a crack/hack for it, if one even existed.


Ok I figured I would have to buy a liscence for Estlcam to get around that. But is there a bug or something concerning my feed rate issue?

I am not really sure what you are asking. If nothing else changed that is an odd time. You should not try to mill at 50mm/s have a look at my milling basics page, or try my crown gcode. Also be careful following numbers like that, you have no idea what machine they are for, if it is from a endmill manufacturer, they are talking maximums for there tool…not what your machine can handle. The milling basics has a calc with more numbers to make sense of all the factors that come into play not just rpm and chipload.