EstlCam 9 on Mac OSX Sierra ? possibile?

Any of you are using estlcam on mac os x?
you can program the emulator?

I can always use the Mac with which realize 3D models and pass them directly to Estlcam, however, I saw that it is only for Windows, someone has had the same “problem”?

Estlcam seems to run under parallels desktop. It did not run under Crossover. Under parallels desktop, I’ve generated a .NC file, but I have not tried the CNC control portion of the program. I’ve got a small windows laptop currently doing that. Download the trial version of Parallels Desktop and see if it suits your needs. Good Luck!

I’ve run Estlcam 8, 9 and 10 under Parallels for Mac using Windows 8 and it works fine even for multi hour jobs. As long as your computer doesn’t go to sleep it works perfectly. Give it a try.