Estlcam advise for cutting out Ryan's prusa frame

Hello there,

I’m starting to cut out the frame to build Ryan’s Mostly printed 3D printer. I wanted some advise on how to use Estlcam to cut it out. I went through the 2.5D tutorial and I’m thinking it would be nice to try out the allowance setting to get a cleaner/smooth finish. Does my tool now need to go through all the passes again after the initial rough passes or is there a way I can do the smooth pass a couple of times instead of 6-7? Or am I just better of sanding the frame when it’s finished? Any thoughts or suggestions would be great. Thanks!

It’s like the 2.5D tutorial but only the last step. You will use every cut pass twice. The first “rough cut” with a small allowance at smaller depth of cuts if needed then the second “finish cut” with no allowance at full depth, sometimes even faster travel rates.

I would/do make small test cuts on all material to test my settings. When I mill my own frames I make a small rectagular test piece with a screw hole in it and test with that. It makes the actual cuts much less nerve wracking! My only other advice is make sure to triple check your rollers to corner measurements to make sure you are cutting square before each cut.