Estlcam and arduino uno with CNC shield


I have a arduino uno with CNC shield and want to use it directly with estlcam (not with repetier)

What and how do I configure the arduino. All my hardware comes from here.



I think you will be the first one going that route. I am not sure what you need to do. I am pretty sure it runs grbl. There are step by step instructions in ESTLCAM.

I’m currently building my MPCNC with this setup… Uno and CNC Shield running grbl. I don’t plan on using the MPCNC for printing or running jobs from SD cards, so I think the Mega/Ramps setup is overkill for me.

I currently have everything moving. I’m getting limit switches setup and getting familiar with the CNC workflow. I hope to start cutting this weekend.

If you want any info on setting this up, take a look at the xcarve or shapeoko communities, as they primarily use an Uno running grbl.


you don’t need to configure the Arduino itself - Estlcam will do all this for you: