Estlcam and Home

Hello everyone, in these days I have fixed my MPCNC with Cnc Shield and Estlcam.
I also used 4 end stops (2 for X and 2 for Y in parallel) and a plate for the Zprobe.
I set all the parameters for good and now the MPCNC moves the exact distance I give it.
I tried to cut the first piece of wood but I noticed that the Z axis always goes down and I have to turn off the machine to stop it.
After several tests I realized that it depends on the Home command.
Can you explain me how work the homing command in Estlcam? to make it work correctly do I have to have the endstops on the Z axis too?
Hello and thanks

Are you using a computer or the lcd?

Hello Welthad, I use the computer.
Yesterday, after some attempts, I found that if I place manually the spindle in aposition that I want to assume how home, then I write “zero” in ESTLCAM control and then I found the Z zero position with z-probe plate I can use the MPCNC well,
Is it normal what I do?
I hope I have explained myself well.
Thanks and ciao

If I understand what you are saying, this is a pretty typical way use the MPCNC. I wonder in this process how you are accounting the the thickness of your touch plate. You are either going to have to move to the position of Z=0 using the electronics or you will need to insert g-code that makes this movement.

Hi Robert, I use how Z-probe a simply base with heigh 20mm that I connected with CNC Shield on the PIN GND and SCL. I set in Estlcam the Inputs section (remeber that I have only the endstop for X and Y) and lenght sensor how you can view in the attach images ( I upload also the parameter of the controller, in case I have some parameters wrong).
And now I proceed like this:

  1. I load a project *.nc and Estlcam open the controller section;
  2. With the arrows, I move the spindle tip over the lower/left corner of the workpiece;
  3. I write in the command line “Zero” and zero the coordinates of each axis;
  4. I up the Z axis about 25mm in relation to the workpiece;
  5. I put the Zprobe base under the tip and click on the fourth icon on the right (that of the Zprobe);
  6. The Z axis goes down and as soon as it touches the Z probe base it goes up one millimeter;
  7. finally click on the Play button and the work starts.

Sometimes, however, the Z axis begins to rise without control and I have to turn off the MPCNC and repeat the operation several times before everything goes well.