ESTLCAM and New V-bit Setup

I purchased a new V-bit that I wanted to try. My problem is I cannot get it set up in ESTLCam.

The bit is a 30-Degree V-Bit, 3.175mm Shank and a 0.2mm Tip. The tip is the problem. How do I tell ESTLCAM that it is not a point, but a blunt end of 0.2mm?

I think I need to do something with the Tip Offset setting in ESTLCAM, but I do not know how to get the number to enter.

If anyone knows the calculation I would love to have it.

[attachment file=“2019-06-25 07_56_47-.png”]

offset is -(0.2mm/2)*tan(75)



That started the brain and I now remember.

I drew it up so that it may help someone else.

It is tan(Θ) = a/b

a = half the width of the blunt end of the bit

b = the distance from the blunt end to the where the tip should be

Θ = half the angle of the V-bit

tan(15) =.1/b

[attachment file=“2019-06-25 15_37_32-Window.png”]

b = -.116823