Estlcam beginner questions

So while I’m printing parts I figure I start to learn Estlcam and Repitier. I know this is not the Estlcam/Repitier forum but I figured you guys have seen it all.

What is the version of Estlcam I should start with 9.047?

I dragged the .dxf crown into Estlcam, but when I try to enlarge or shrink I don’t have a dialog box that let’s me type in a specific values. I can drag to enlarge/shrink. Bug? I saved the gcode and dumped it into Repitier and ran a dummy test.

If I just want to lay text down in the work area, it seems I need to insert a dummy .dxf file first? If I click the txt button, it says no drawing is opened at the moment. If I just want to make a sign what are the steps?


Looks like Jeff answered one of the questions in another thread:

For my “Danger Zone” cut, I just imported any dxf file (because estlcam won’t let you make text without it) and then I used the estlcam text tool. I used the “Stencil” font, which worked pretty well. There are a bunch of options in there, one of them is to make the output part of the drawing, and then you can mess with doing the cam.