EstlCAM connect with my Archim1Board

Does someone knows how to connect/setup EstlCAM so it could connect with my Archim1 board

Normally Estlcam is used to create gcode files then you send the gcode files to your machine with different software, like Repetier-Host.

Estlcam cant talk to Marlin. Estlcam firmware isn’t available for the archim.

Tks You all for the feedback Do you know which board could be a and easy replacement to the Archim 1 that would be compatible with EstlCAM ?

Is there a good reason to want estlcam to connect to the cnc directly?

I have not been keeping up with which boards work for Estlcam. I just use it to make gcode and not connect to the machine.

No specific reason. I am a newbie and it feels like Estlcam has a lot to offer and was just wondering

The reason I ask is, you can use Estlcam and create gcode files. And then put the gcode files on the sdcard in the screen or connect a computer using repetier host or a v1pi. Some new users think that estlcam only works if you can connect it to your CNC and that’s not quite true.

There are a few features that do require a connection. Specifically the mesh probing feature. Which is another reason I asked.

I wrote some info about the different software packages in the software workflow doc.