Estlcam crashes

I upgraded Estlcam. I haven’t paid yet. I try to open and svg. I can get all the toolpaths (which won’t work eventually) set. When I try to save as a Project it works and can open said project. When I try to Preview or Save Machine Code it crashes with some mscorlib issue. When I open a DXF and try same tool path work… for instance a capital w, it won’t do the whole toolpath but didn’t crash when I Previewed.

So I plan to load an older version. I don’t like writing stories at work or opening Jiras so I am going to need a very simple interface to report a perceived bug to someone. If there is a simple interface show me and I’ll take pictures and enumerate it for the developer who’s name I have forgotten. Perhaps Christian.

I know I am using the free version and have to have proper expectations. Wife came by and laughed at me and told me to buy it. I didn’t think that was an option so I may try that tomorrow.

@christian-knuell, might pop in to help.

What version is giving you problems?

11.239 is the one with mscorlib issue. I also am trying to completely uninstall it and start over. I have tried 11.238 and 11.237. Unfortunately I don’t recall what version I started with. I assume the installer in still on my machine so I will try that. 11.237 or 11.238 won’t move past the controller setup part and won’t save/ok in that window. I ran Windows uninstall and when I go into Program Files(x86) I can see an Estlcam directory and and executable which my machine won’t let me delete. I am going to reboot and try again and then I suppose I will go to that website and try to report a bug.

I got the executable removed. Reinstalled the original 11.237. Opened the .e10 file I was working on and I got the same Error. Which reads.

"An unexpected error occurred : - (
Check my homepage for the newest version - maybe this issue has already been fixed.
Exception: index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.
Parameter name: index

Source: mscorlib"

I’ll digg into AppData. I suppose I will start the gcode over again from the dxf and the svg and see what I get. I can try a different design as well. Seems like 4 lines of text and a outline of a whale would be pretty simple.

I have found it’s related to a certain file. I have sent the information to Christian and I am starting over from the SVG.

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I don’t know everything that happens in estlcam, but I can say that kind of bug is pretty rare. AFAICT, Christian wrote the whole thing and is the one man support, design, and developer. So I am kind of surprised this doesn’t happen more often. Hopefully, between the two of you, you can get a workaround and it won’t stay broke for long.