Estlcam depth issue / rambo support?


Finally got my machine going for a carve/mill job after some issues and a failed ramps board.

Recently got a license for Estlcam, and had controls working with that ramps boards, but now the rambo kinda doesn’t want to respond to the Estlcam, works in Repetier though…is there a profile for the rambo in Estlcam I can download?



I have a depth issue. For every .125 in depth it goes down maybe 1 mm (this is running via Repetier with an Estlcam generated .nc file). I thought perhaps the Z depth feed rate unit was off somewhere in the software but I cant seem to find anything to change it.


The image below shows the main mills at .3125" deep and the outer at .625" which on the 1/2 inch boards is clearly off (I’ve adjusted to try to get more depth as you can see but am afraid it may decide to just bore thru the whole thing on a whim if I go to far), but the rest comes out good.

Is this a repetier issue? something I can modify in the nc file? a rambo setting?

Appreciate any advice, and of course the software,and sharing of this awesome tool. :slight_smile:


Thanks in advance

What firmware you have

No, you can not control the rambo with ESTLCAM. Use estlcam to make your gcode and repetier or the lcd to “play” the file and control the machine.

Thanks for the reply, kinda figured with rambo, but in case the dev sees this , hoping he can do a remapped pinlayout option for that board. :slight_smile: If not perhaps I can try to map it and do the code, I just have no idea the format ect needed for the software.

Now onto the main depth issue, With the ramps and estlecam the depth was fine, and lined up with the preview.

Now, by using the control in repetier with the same gcode as before, the depth is a fraction of what it should be, and multiplying it does not seem to scale well.

Has anyone had issues with just the Z depth not scaling properly from estlcam to Repetier?

Again, the same file worked great in ramps/estlcam control, now in rambo/repetier only Z axis scales down by some crazy amount. .125" for the tool depth is more like .5 mm. .625 is more like 2mm ect

Is there a conversion or setting that needs to be done differently in either software with rambo vs ramps to get the Z to scale right?


Thanks again.

…firmware was a very recent one that ryan posted, cant find the thread and the computer I downloaded on is in the shop, but it did recover the failed estlcam program attempt just fine minus the Z issue(which I suspect is maybe in the .nc file translation somehow)


I was having that exactly problem with z deep in dual endstop firmware. Try firmware from my mpcnc build I make some changes there (one of the last posts with github link ) or go back to stock firmware without end stops.

Much appreciated, The last suggestion fixed the issue, z depth is now working perfectly with firmware updates. Was quite frustrating to not see it scale at least in a linear fashion for jsut one of the 3 axis.


In any case hope it helps any others along the way, thanks again.