Estlcam - Hole losing properties when changing pocketing strategy

I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if there is a bug, so I’m looking for advice. I’m creating a marble game with lots of small, shallow holes. The “Linear” pocketing strategy is not giving me the finish I like on the bottom. I thought I’d change to “Parallel” but when I go to the preview I lose the pocket and after preview I lose the ability to change many of the properties. I can’t change it back to “Linear” without deleting it, and I lose the ability to pocket. I’ve attached some screenshots to show what’s going on.

This is the latest version as of right now (10.041) 64-bit.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

You should be able to use the select tool and the shift key to select them all and make your changes.

I would suggest using carve, that is made for vbits and does really well at clearing the bottom of you keep the stepover really low.

Same behavior if I select multiple.

I’ll try with carve rather than hole/pocket. I really wanted to try a parallel pocket because I think the circular pattern on the bottom would look cool.

I can’t wait to see this thing done, the interlocking board seems super cool.

I’m pretty sure I understand what you’re going for but I’m not really sure why it isn’t spiraling in.

The helical drill would be similar too.


Estlcam changes round pockets to helical drills when you select the parallel strategy as this gives the best results.

(I’d create round pockets with the helical drill function from the start)


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For some reason it’s inconsistent. Some of the holes remain as pockets while others switch. It doesn’t look like the helical drill will provide the proper clearing in the bottom of the pocket. I’ve attached some pictures. The left hole is the one that allowed the switch to parallel. The center is one that switched to helical drill, and the right is a new helical drill.

I’ve found I can get the finish I want by deleting the holes that switch to helical drill and using the stamp tool to stamp the ones that allow the parallel pocket. I’m not sure how or why it’s changing (or not).

Thanks for the help.

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