Estlcam inside out

Hello all!

'Im having a problem with estlcam.

when I upload an stl, and run it through either free machining or block machining the preview is inside out. like if I was making a mold of the model. pretty sure I have tried what little I know how to do, but I cant figure it out. has anybody else seen this?

Can you link or zip and paste the stl so we can make sure it is right side out. What version of estlcam?

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Thank you for replying Ryan!

Here is one I have tried a few times (let me know if the file worked) should me a half sized telecaster guitar body. as for the version of Estlcam Its 11.032 but it was also doing it on 11.029 (747 KB)

I opened estlcam, opened your STL, clicked the down arrow (to rotate it correctly), the hit go. The file came out correctly.

Like the warning says though, this would be best machined flat, with pockets and cutouts. The only round parts seem to be the rounded corners. 3D takes so much longer than “2d”. You can pocket it, drill the holes, cut it out half way, flip it and repeat, then just round the edges with a regular router and save hours of machine time.

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Thanks for the reply. yea the tele isn’t really a great choice for a cnc project now that i think about it. it could be as simple as my old computer not working. (this thing is a 6 lb dinosaur) I’m glad the file went through.

No no you misunderstand. It is a great project. Precisely located pockets and a classic outline. 3D milling is just meant for sculpting type stuff. It takes much longer than just chunking out a few pocketsas in “2d” milling. I am having a hard time with the description of what I mean.

If you carve a 3d stl it could take 10 hours, if you just do a few pockets and the outline it will take 1 hour. Just different ways of using the software.

AHH cool. I do have a way with over thinking things. I’ll see what i can do with the 2d side of estlcam for now. thanks again. I have had a blast building the mpcnc.

Just wanted to let you know that I flipped the z plug around and everything is working now. thank you so much. i carved a little model of a mountain this morning and it came out great!

Ha, I didn’t think of that. Sometimes it is the simple things

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I’d be tempted to do as Ryan suggest for the basic body, then carve designs into the front of the finished part. You could make some way cool guitars without the time issues from carving the whole thing. No need for carving at all on the back, unless you want a curved edge that doesn’t match any router bits.

Maybe something like this?
Electra Tree of Life

Heck yes, that is real nice.

Oh man that’s cool! what a great idea