Estlcam Intermediate 2.5 - Gcode Error

I’ve run through the EstlCam intermediate tutorial. However, when I load my gcode into repetier I see some very incorrect paths (image attached). Not sure where I went awry, any ideas?
GCODE attached as well.
FIRST CUT TEST PATHS - VM - 220910.gcode (36.8 KB)

This is a big in repetier host. It follows are the wedding way around, so they look like big hoops. The time estimates are wrong and the display is wrong but it works fine. Your wiring options are:

  • ignore it
  • downgrade to 2.2.0
  • configure estlcam to not use arcs (g2/g3)

Alright. I’ll give it a shot with some foam first.

You can use something like to preview it first.

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