ESTLCAM island woes

Hi there,

I’m trying to utilize islands in estlcam but can’t seem to get it right. It won’t let me select a peeling strat without going into the island. I did some research and found I should be using a “part” to define my islands, which I am. It works with linear, what am I doing wrong??

Try a smaller end mill.

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This is not working?

Oh…hmmm. I default to Barry’s opinion, smaller endmill or don’t peel a small space.

That seems to work. Sadly I was hoping to do the whole thing with a 1/4" bit since it’s the smallest bit I have that has part cutting clearance for the finish. Tool change job, I suppose.

Thanks Barry.

Or, you can try your end mill, but give it a smaller step over with a parallel clearing cut. It’s going to do a full width cut for the sides anyway. Just give it a good finishing pass.