Estlcam laser trouble

I’m using a ramps 1.6/arudino sandwhich.


Im trying to laser burn a simple logo of my college, and am having trouble figureing out estlcam.

I followed Mostly Printed CNC MPCNC - Part 9 Laser Cutting Paper with ESTLCAM - YouTube OGC’s video on it, and everything is going ok until i get to the simulation part. It makes multiple passes, which is probably fine but i have no idea what to change to alter this. If I only want one, what do i change? also, when actually running the program, repriterhost or the gcode starts the laser and then waits 6 seconds. this makes a huge burn hole and honestly just looks like shit. It has also frozen twice in the same place.


Attached are my tool settings for the laser.


before posting this i somehow managed to only get it to do one pass. no idea how? i just kinda messed with it until it did what i wanted in the simulation. its still doing the 6 secondish pause after turning on the laser.


i can include gcode if need be :slight_smile:


Your Z depth per pass and material thickness should match. The one you show is at 10mm, you probably want something like 0.1mm.

ahhh ok, thank you :slight_smile:

i figured it out and feel so dumb… i had created multiple objects on top of each other ! it was only one pass per object but if you have multiple objects stacked…


:slight_smile: just happy i got it fixed lol