Estlcam not carving some areas even if I increase theThe size of the area to be

So I’ve did part 1 of this file which is to use a v-but. Everything came out nice except for what’s in the two circles. There’s suppose to be two carves on each cannon, but all it did was make the upper and lower carve as can be seen in the red circles. It never went back over it to carve down to the specified 3mm. I cut everything at 3.18mm (not near my PC so I don’t remember what that setting is called, but it’s the one where you can increase it and it will carve a larger area instead of just along the edge. How can I fix that?

You must have missed making the tool path.

For detailed help we need you e10 file of screenshots of you tool selections and completed paths screen.

Alright when I get home I’ll post them. Thanks.

Hope this helps. It won’t allow me to upload a .E10 file so I’m going to post the google drive link to it. Please note that the first time I carved this it did the same thing so I made another carve on the same piece selecting only what didn’t get carved like it was suppose to. The only changes I made in the second one was that I changed the maximum carve width from 3.18mm to 7mm on only the smaller piece’s and then 10mm on the larger pieces on the cannons.

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I’m new to this myself. But why are the ones your missing highlighted in blue in estlcam?

You don’t have a tool selected.

You don’t have a tool selected.
So the only option I have is 1/8" and none. If I select 1/8" then I shouldn't have to change bits for the blued in areas? Should I choose 1/8" for every cut on this particular dxf? Should I change maximum carve width on the blued areas back to 3.18mm or do they need to remain at what I currently have them at?
I’m new to this myself. But why are the ones your missing highlighted in blue in estlcam?
Thats the preview page, it shows where the cuts will be made.

You only have one tool in the tree, if you need another you can make one.

Have you seen my carve video?


Its blue because no tool is selected, that why it looks odd, when there is a tool selected it is red or yellow.


I highly suggest you start with a really small carve, not an entire sign. Do a square or just one cannon. There is a bunch too learn and trying to figure it all out at once is making it difficult. You need a 5 minute carve, tweak some settings, cut, iterate. Carve is really easy once you understand what the few settings do.

Thanks for your help Ryan I’ll do that. I haven’t seen your video, I watched some old guys video on carving though.