Estlcam - problem - errant big circles

Hi, has anyone had Estlcam create big circles in the toolpaths?

I experienced this when following along with Ryan’s instructions on creating the crown gcode file.


My MPCNC (Ramps 1.4 setup) ran fine with the gcode downloaded from the V1 website, but when I tried to create my own gcode I ended up with big circles.

I tried another file, and had luck with the engraving tool (for drawing the outline), but the pocket hole tool created the big circles again.

I dropped the gcode into an online gcode simulator, it is the same thing the MPCNC was trying to draw. See photos attached.

Perhaps it has something to do with processing the corners and changes in direction? Maybe I have my units wrong?






It probably has to do with improper scaling, or bit size in estlcam.

have you found a solution im in the same boat here

It’s a display issue in repetier, they will still mill correctly. You can check with any of the online gcode readers.