Estlcam questions

I’ve been playing around with estlcam 10 and trying to figure out how to successfully carve out a picture like the below. Basically, I want the inside cut out and all the islands inside flush with the top of the wood, similar to if you were to use a fill tool - everything that is filled inside I want to discard. I use the hole tool to highlight the outer edge, then it my lack of knowledge kicks in, because I’m not sure of of what to select, so it becomes a big mess of pockets and islands.

Pirate Ship


Make all the inside pieces outside cuts, then select the outside line and make it an inside cut with islands.


Many thanks!!! That is exactly what I wanted to do, just needed a little guidance.

On a side note, when using the engraving tool on the same picture, is there a way to do a mass selection or do you need to click on each small piece?

Pirate ship printed

Guess it’s time to stop screwing around and get a 660?

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