Estlcam questions

I am using Estlcam to generate my gcode. I will generate some code from a simple part and go to run it. It starts and then just seems to hangup. I then checked the code in a text editor and noticed that the G01 portion of the code was missing from a majority of the lines. Just to check, I added the G01 command to the lines that didn’t have it and then ran it. It worked and I cut the part. Am I missing something. I thought that every line of code needed a command. Any help would be appreciated.



That is the first I have heard of that issue. I would uninstall and reinstall, and stick with version 10. Make sure you set up the rapids as well.

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You can choose what command gets used, maybe you deleted the “G01” somehow?

You are correct that every line needs a command.

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Thanks for the input Ryan and Jeff. I re-installed Estlcam and it is working now.

Onward and upward.